Big Boy Stack

The Big Boy Carnitine stack is the ultimate tool to stack with Growth Hormone and makes Anabolic Steroids work to their full potential in fact using steroid without carnitine is laughable once you have found the benefits of a BIG BOY STACK

Conditioning with the Ultimate Tool for Anabolic and Performance

PLEASE TRY TO FOLLOW ALONG IT"S TOUGH BUT DOABLEI. Carnitine is Anabolic it will also increase the oxygen content in tissue and stop thyrotoxicosis ( Over active thyroid HARD GAINERZ PAY ATTENTION ) activate

fuel and contribute to increase glycogen in the Liver and muscles ( HARD GAINERZ AGAIN PAY ATTENTION ) Carniitine has a highly effective neurotrophic effect, inhibits apoptosis ( Cell Death ) limiting the affected area and restores the structure of nervous tissue.

This article is meant to prepare you for some hard truth's about some of the most effective protocols known to man.

Although Carnitine is not new in the supplement industry it's effectiveness has been hijacked by companies in an effort to sell you ever complex tools for fat loss and muscle gain in what I call " The Carnitine Conspiracy " it's only true goal is to trick you into buying a product and usually accompanies clips or quotes from studies taken out of context and designed to bring you a feeling that their supplement is superior and will benefit you

fat metabolism displacing glucose as a primary

Hard Truth's

1. Most supplements will have no effect on body composition on their own and have actually been proven ineffective

2. Your body will manufacture most enzymes amino acids and tools within each cell in order to survive and does so quite well, however in terms of sports performance or conditioning we do not talk about survival

3. Supplements have very poor bio-availability and whatever can survive intact usually does so in such trace amounts that they cease to have any pharmacological effect whatsoever.

4. There are exceptions and good supplements

5. You should supplement but know what supplementation really means and what it will do

Back to the Big Boy Carnitine stack

II. The Anabolic Vitamin C

When refering to Vitamin C we are surely not addressing the vitamin C in your food, the pill or tablet and certainly not liposomal vitamin C. So what is the Anabolic Vitamin C? it is pharmaceutically prepared ascorbic acid acid for injection. Some might say that one could potentially injure themselves with high dose vitamin C however this is absolutely ridiculous. Cancer patients with compromised immune systems undergoing heavy chemotherapy and radiation treatments receive mega dose vitamin C through intravenous solutions of 180 grams twice or 3 times per week, surely if it were to kill anyone these terminally ill patients would be dying in droves. When we talk of Anabolic vitamin C we are refering to 1 or 2 ampoules of vitamin C administered by Intramuscular Injections for a total of 500mg to 1 gram. If you have problems understanding this concept please stop reading and exit this article

III. B Complex injections

There are many different type of B complex injections available however none is more mportant for the BIG BOY CARNITINE STACK Than B12 B6 & B1. Essentially the B complex of B1 B6 B12 iis the energy complex of b vitamins and cofactors for carnitine reactions within your body. If you haven't taken at least B12 on a regular basis by injection and think that you can properly supplement this master molecule Orally then again please stop reading this article is not for you

Putting it all together the recipe of B complex injections, Injectable Carnitine and Injectable Vitamin C will blow your personal bests in feats of strength or cardiovascular conditioning to new levels.

However even if you do Put this all in a big needle and decide to experiment you will still have it wrong cause there is more much more and it has to do with insulin and lots of it...

Get the protocol at the link below

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