The BIG BOY Carnitine Stack!

1. Fat Loss

2.Muscle Mass

3.Bone Mass

4.Heart Conditions improve

5. Kidney treatment

6. Male infertility

7.Type II Diabetes

8.Immune system

9.Brain function

10. Thyroid regulating

Sterile Carnitine solutions are so effective for fat loss, endurance and strength that fat burners, hormones or steroids or other drugs cannot even compare. But there is a catch! Oral Carnitine supplementation DOES NOT WORK DOES NOT INCREASE PERFORMANCE OR BURN FAT, it is a multi million dollar nutrition scam! Your body and specifically kidneys make your carnitine for your body to use and Oral supplementation is absolutely worthless.. 1 FAT LOSS L-carnitine transfers long-chain fatty acids, such as triglycerides into mitochondria, where they may be oxidized to produce energy. Carnitine has also been shown to reduce fatigue and serve as an appetite suppressant as well. l-carnitine will help keep your body from storing fat, Carnitine will increase your aerobic capacity to help you burn more calories. Translation your going to eat MORE CARBS and LOSE MORE FAT 2 MUSCLE MASS L-carnitine is also a great weapon for hardgainers looking to pack on muscle. Supplementing with l-carnitine can help you increase your strength and heavier weights mean bigger muscles in the long run. CARNITINE ALSO INCREASES THE NUMBER OF ANDROGEN RECEPTORS IN MUSCLE TISSUE And increases glycogen stores in the muscles, you will break all your personal records in the gym 3 BONE MASS Aging bone loss is a major concern of many senior citizens and post-menopausal women. Of course this can lead to increased chances of fractures, osteoporosis, and arthritis among other bone diseases. Fortunately, by taking l-carnitine, you can slow down the bone loss process and improve bone micro structural properties by decreasing bone turnover. 4 HEART CONDITIONS Carnitine is primarily used for heart-related conditions. Several clinical trials show that L-carnitine can be used along with conventional treatment for angina to reduce the needs for medicine and improve the ability of those with angina to exercise without chest pain or discomfort. Some studies have determined that taking l-carnitine after a heart attack decreases the chances of suffering another one later. Carnitine is actually given to help treat people with heart disease. HOW MANY OF US WORRY ABOUT OUR HEART FUNCTIONS? 5 KIDNEY TREATMENT Your kidneys produce carnitine so naturally when people have been diagnosed or may have kidney disease, carnitine is recommended to help make up for the deficiency of carnitine that your kidneys aren't producing. THAT'S RIGHT THE POUNDING YOUR KIDNEYS TAKE FROM THOSE TREN CYCLES REALLY ADD UP!! CARNITINE WILL SIGNIFICANTLY MITIGATE THE DAMAGE AND COULD POSSIBLY REVERSE IT 6 MALE INFERTILITY For those men that have been trying to have children and have low sperm counts, carnitine has been suggested and shown to help improve both sperm count and quality sperm. 7 TYPE II DIABETES People that have Type II diabetes can also benefit from carnitine supplementation. Taking L-carnitine helps diabetics by increasing glucose oxidation, glucose storage, as well as glucose uptake. YES THAT'S RIGHT CARNITINE FIGHTS DIABETES TOO!!! BY CONSUMING LOADS OF SUGAR WITH THE CARNITINE!! Get over it it works and don't even think about INSULIN the online guru's have it all wrong we have it right! 8 IMMUNE SYSTEM L-carnitine serves as an antioxidant that can help prevent damage done to your healthy cells by free radicals. This can help you out when you have a cold or are dealing with various seasonal allergies and training. YOU BET CARNITINE WILL SEND YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM INTO OVERDRIVE! Especially when used in conjunction with the vitamin C and the B complex

FYI if you buy CARNITINE it comes with vitamin C there is no way around it 9 BRAIN FUNCTION L-carnitine helps protect the brain from both age related and stress related damage to the brain which helps it function longer and better. THOSE WHO HAVE USED THE CARNITINE PROTOCOL WILL ATTEST TO HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION, if you used it you would see it too

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