July 22, 2017

What is The difference?


And Is the Extra Expense Worth It?


First off there is no doubt that a Pharmaceutical Grade product

is the made to the highest standards


No fool is going to dispute this


Where the water does get muddy is the question...


IS a PHARMACEUTICAL Product right for you?


If Price is no concern and you are looking for an approved human product

for your research then by all means spend the big money and acquire a

Pharmaceutical product from your doctor or overseas


Just be aware the market is crawling with counterfeit pharmaceuticals

everywhere, it is big business


If you are a private researcher looking to research multiple compounds

on a budget more constrained than a millionaires A properly made

highly biologically active research product is going to deliver more

results for less money.



This allows the researcher to investigate many compounds

at the same time for a fraction of the price.


Now many research outfits have in years past gotten poor

reputations for low quality, under dosed or mislabelled products.


We at BPC fully understand the frustration that this can bring a

researcher when choosing supply.



Our answer to that is simple.



All BPC Products are of the highest standard, quality and

meet or exceed label claims, PERIOD!


We have built our reputation on Service and stocking only

the Absolute Best Research Products


All we really have to say is see our reviews on our homepage



BPC does not have resellers as we aim to have a personal,

lifelong relationship with all our clients directly

( some conditions do apply as many order for a few

close friends and training partners etc..) 


You deserve the best


The days of buying your products in a gym locker room or

7/11 parking lot are over


SAME DAY SHIPPING orders paid before 3pm pacific 7pm atlantic





( unless your a douche who complains about everything we know

we can't ever make that guy happy haha )


Don't waste another dollar on false promises and fake dreams


Go for the results your research dreams of


Go for BPC






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