SARMs vs Steroids

July 3, 2018

Competitive athletes, bodybuilders or people looking for general physical enhancement want fast results. Naturally our bodies have a way of limiting growth through adaptations to stimulus. This bottleneck of physical enhancement means growth beyond a reasonable point of muscle mass and fat loss in any given time frame is limited. 


On to Steroids and SARMs.


Both enhance muscle growth, nitrogen retention and allow people those to gain significantly more muscle mass over a shorter time frame. These PED's ( performance enhancing drugs ) have profound effects and are literally banned in all professional or regulated amateur sporting associations. 


In some places around the world they may be classified as banned substances so check your local laws and customs.


Benefits of Steroids


Anabolics Androgenic Steroids AAS are a group of of substances related to testosterone. They Increase muscle mass, decrease recovery times and increase protein synthesis into new tissue.


AAS also improve Bone mass and density which is necessary for those wishing to obtain more healthy lean body tissue. This is why bodybuilders notoriously use AAS year round.


AAS are also approved in medicine for specific cancers and wasting diseases, it is common nowadays for AAS and  Human Growth Hormone  to be administered by anti aging clinics who specialize in this field 


Risks and side effects of AAS use


The issue with AAS is the multitude of side effects and unintended consequences of their use, even at the correct dosages and under physician create problems are commonplace and can include.


-Low Libido

-Low sperm count

-Prostate cancer

-suppression or complete shutdown of the bodies testosterone 

-bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels

-Heart Disease

-Hi Blood pressure

-Early Baldness


-Liver disease

-Kidney failure

-Behavioural issues aka Roid Rage


The longer and heavier the use the more risk factors and complications one will encounter


Benefits of SARMs


SARM's are a novel class of new chemicals the name stands for ( Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators )

As indicated they are androgens that only affect specific receptor sites in Bone and Skeletal muscle tissue.


AAS on the other hand are non specific and will bind to any tissue or organ causing growth often where it is not wanted or needed


The argument is this 

1. SARMs provide the same positive effects of AAS

2.SARMs have significantly and drastically less side effects than AAS

3. SARMs are orally active and reduce the risk of infection by not requiring injection

4. SARMs are legal either over the counter or as research chemicals in most places.




Some may argue that steroids are more effective and for some this might be valid and true of the first generation SARMs, however SARMs have far less potential to cause unwanted harm even if the same results may take a few month more to achieve.


In the end It's really a choice to make







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