2019 Anabolic Rundown

SARMS are Anabolic as all hell and safer than steroids by miles

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators have changed everything we know about traditional Anabolics. SARMS are a new class of Androgen receptors ligands that build huge muscle, burn fat, build bone density and protect neurons. Overall SARMS have the ability to improve quality of life for many in the future without the potential negative implications of testosterone or other approved anabolic STEROIDS.

  1. MK 2866-Ostarine *** Ostarine is one of the first generation SARMS that has undergone significant clinical trials and is well on the way to becoming the first available pharmaceutical SARM available by prescription. Proven time and again MK 2866 Builds lean muscle tissue, decreases fat mass and improves bone density. It is also widely regarded as a "SAFE SARM"

  1. Andarine-S4 *** While originally holding great promise in the treatment of prostate enlargement Andarine-S4 SARM is a highly anabolic SARM nearly identical in anabolic action to Testosterone Propionate. It accomplishes all this without negative androgenic side effects from similar approved anabolic sources. It is interesting to note that there is much evidence supporting that it is highly effective for use in Gynecomastia-Male Breast Development.

  1. LGD 4033-Ligandrol-Anabolicum *** The legendary SARM LGD 4033 has been noted as one of the best mass compounds of the class. through several clinical trials Ligandrol has proven effectiveness beyond a doubt, many researchers claim it is better than most approved anabolic steroids for putting on mass when needed. A positive safety record ensures many will continue researching this powerful SARM for years to come.

  1. RAD 140-Testolone *** Easily one the best all around SARMS. Rad 140 is currently in a 2 year long study involving hormonally responsive breast cancer. The news for Testolone keeps getting better, however everyone is waiting for the results of this new study by radius health. Anecdotally researchers are reporting massive gains especially in conjunction with hormone replacement therapy. Rad 140 features an astounding 90:1 anabolic/androgenic ratio making it the best candidate for females in the true SARMS category.

  1. S23 SARM *** While S23 was only initially investigated for use as a male contraceptive of sorts in rats, it did fail at this miserably. with complete reversibility within 100 days. What was not mentioned too much in the 2013 study was the anabolic effect. This was found by private research into this compound and then published through unofficial publications on the web. Without a doubt SARM S23 is proving to be one of the most anabolic SARMS available.

  1. YK 11 *** Everybody has been waiting for word on YK 11. Proven in vitro to be more anabolic than DHT it actually has the same anabolic activity as Trenbolone. Many researchers make YK 11 assumptions (You know what they say about assumptions and asses) much to their own detriment. Although it has not been in peer reviewed scientific publications in animals or humans it is likely only a matter of time. YK 11 has been proven to activate all the factors required to build muscle and build bone density. It is not a far leap to assume with such great pharmacodynamic properties it will be on the horizon for future developments.

Metabolic enhancing SARMS

While not quite true SARMS a few candidates have emerged. While fully anabolic and having many potential health Benefits these SARMS build muscle burn fat and improve overall performance enhancement with great effect. These round breaking new substances in the search for corrective actions in what one clinically refers to as Metabolic Disorders, they are as follows

  1. GW 501516-Cardarine *** Cardarine *** is a multifunction PPAR agonist with receptors in nearly every part of the body. Know as as the ultimate performance enhancer it is proven to improve performance and endurance while stimulating fat burning potential substantially. GW 501516 was investigated as a potential cure for obesity and other metabolic disorders.

  1. SR 9009-Stenabolic *** Stenabolic *** is a REV-ER B protein that regulates circadian rhythm in cells. What does that have to do with anything? Well I will tell you that means a whole lot in terms of athletic performance. Not only does Stenabolic improve fat burning (In a study Rats burned an incredible %60% more fat than their control counterparts) It increases mitochondrial activity, removes old mitochondria and turns off fat storing genes. While it's half life is quite short requiring repeated administration it is still extremely effective. Using a transdermal carrier such as DMSO would theoretically make this protein several times more potent than an oral administration with nearly 100% of the substance being able to readily pass through the dermal layer into the blood.

  1. GW 0742- Much like it's predecessor GW 501516 this newer version of Cardarine is much more potent in all ways due to it's incredibly high binding affinity to PPAR receptors. For those researchers who thought GW 501516 was the pinnacle of evolution in performance and metabolic enhancement this newer version of GW SARM is sure to bring new light to the term PED

  1. SR 9011-Again like it's earlier Stenabolic predecessor SR 9011 jumps to the front of the line in terms of fat burning performance enhancements and everything else previously mentioned above for Stenabolic. It also has been proven to stop tumours in it's tracks. A definite upgrade from Stenabolic in every way SR 9011 is by far the most effective SARM to date. It also has the distinction of easily being the most expensive by miles. This will lead many sources to not even carrying the product and dismissing the vast potential it has. When a supplier tries to steer you to a cheaper product they claim is better, CALL THEIR BLUFf


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