Growth Hormone Deficiency

Signs of growth hormone deficiencies in adults are as follows

  • Loss of muscle mass and strength

  • increased body fat especially in the midsection

  • aches and pains in joints and elsewhere

  • Impaired energy and focus

  • Low energy levels

  • Male baldness

  • skin becomes saggy and loose

  • Bone mass loss & osteoporosis

  • reduced SHBG

  • Increase in 5 alpha reductase

  • Raised LDL (bad cholesterol)

  • Cardiac Dysfunction

Causes of Growth hormone deficiency include but are not limited to age,excessive gh binding proteins, autoimmune inflammation, thyroid disorders, radiation, leukemia gene mutations the list goes on for miles.

As normal healthy adults age it is very normal for the body to produce diminishing amounts of GH and other sex hormones. Many clinical deficient people have been afflicted by this onset of reduced GH without definable cause. IT JUST HAPPENS!

Diagnosis of GH deficiency is a very complicated process and requires many direct and indirect variables to be measured. A simple blood test for GH will barely register,. IGF-1 levels can and do fluctuate yet it seems the most direct rote is to administer GH and measure the response. The response will be measurable within days.

Growth Hormone deficiency can be acquired during any time in life. It may be complete or only partial deficiency. Deficiencies can come and go or be an isolated incident. It may also be related to a deficiency in other hormones as with diabetics.

GH treatment is treated with daily GH injections under doctor supervision, the cost of treatment and the effort required to be considered for such by your physician is substantial. As always when considering this route consult your doctor and talk to your family about your decision to pursue this action.

Unfortunately for many the reality is that GH supplementation for age related decline is not medically acceptable. It may be when adult onset of GH deficiency is present where weekly doses have been used to offset the symptoms of lower GH levels displaying more indirect symptoms.

In the UK if your physician cannot meet all 3 of these criteria they will NOT recommend GH treatment

1. Severe GH deficiency defined through an insulin tolerance test

2.Perceived decline in quality of life index as perceived by a therapist and questionnaire

3. Treatment for other pituitary disorders such as thyroid conditions are present

Treatment cost in the western world are roughly 8000-12000 USD annually

Side effects may include

  • headaches

  • Joint and muscle pain

  • fluid retention and carpal tunnel

  • mild high blood pressure

  • Nausea

  • antibody formation to GH injections

  • site reactions where injected

Alternatives to Gh injections have now emerged

Several growth hormone releaser have been developed and are marketed by smaller pharmaceutical companies. These GH secretagogues have been through extensive clinical trials successfully and some have been approved for various conditions. They are as follows

CJC-1295 originally marketed by conjuchem had a phase III clinical trial in aids patients with a long acting growth hormone releasing hormone analogue CJC-1295 DAC. It ended in disaster with the death of an AIDS patient. BUT REALLY THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WITH AIDS PATIENTS THEY DIE. Now tough luck for conjuchem when you go for the GOLD in business sometimes you get the SHAFT. AIDS Patients ow have an excellent alternative with SERONO SEROSTIM GH. The only GH injections approved for aids patients and likely paid for $3600/month with your tax dollars.

Ipamorelin was the first truly selective GH growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP). As far as GHRP goes this one produced good responses without hunger and prolactin. Many compounding pharmacies not offer this in a pen premixed with Sermorelin. It is not quite as potent as CJC-1295 but it is approved and with the addition of Ipamorelin does quite a good job getting things done. We do not know personally of doctors or pharmacists who prescribe this or the prescribed dosage so once again if this is an option for you please consult your physician.

GHRP-2 is a very potent growth hormone releasing peptide. it has been shown to provide significant levels of growth hormone and increase of appetite. This can lead to increased weight gain as was done in a 1 year long study. .

GHRP-2 in some cases could be considered a suitable replacement for GH injections yet this methodology is not widely acceptable to the medical establishment. Considering a treatment regiment? Talk to your physician to assess your options.

GHRP-6 was the first Growth hormone releasing peptide developed. It was the backbone that spawned a lot of new research into the field. Unfortunately this research has died off because why kill the golden goose? Recombinant growth hormone is a billion dollar business for big pharma. GHRP-6 is known to produce massive growth results, much of this is because of the strong urge to eat as it acts strongly on the ghrelin receptors. Ghrelin is a stomach peptide that tells your body to search for food. It was an essential survival mechanism is pre 20th century man. Nowadays fast food and SOBEY's or whatever grocery chain is n your area has made this irrelevant. Non the less GHRP-6 is da bomb.

MK-677 Ibutamoren is another alternative to GH injections. Through many clinical trials the participant reported somewhat good results and felt it to be effective. Nowadays it is sometimes sold as a supplement even though it is not approved as one. MK-677 is a long acting ghrelin mimetic known to produce gains in muscle and bone. As for fat loss let us just say the jury is still out. Popular amongst bodybuilders and fitness crowds it has shown to be a fairly effective aid in conjunction with "Other Supplements"

The Final Word on Growth Hormone

Growth hormone deficiency is an awful condition, physically and mentally the condition can spiral out of control and be the cause of many more serious problems. If you feel this is happening to you consult your health practitioner and come up with a plan to save yourself.

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